Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Zealand's beautiful Paua shells...gems from the icy seas.

The New Zealand Paua Shell is a beautiful natural shell ( this shell has not been dyed or coloured ) that occurs in the icy cold waters here in New Zealand. It yields precious blue pearls in the same hues as its shell.Each blue pearl is unique and often has its own serial number.

With natural swirls of blue , greens, purples and even pinks- this shell has long been used in the making of fine jewelry and art work. The Paua shell often features in the eyes of natural Maori carvings.

The shells we sell  have been cleaned and buffed. Other than that it is in its natural state. There is no odour to the shell and its ready for you to use in your art or crafts.It is truly prized for jewelry making or in art and sculpture, gourd craft or pottery.

The ones we are selling are the small shell...about 5"-6" big...

we are able to get larger ones but they cost more..- message us if you are interested.

This shell can be used whole or cut into pieces as required. The shell is strong but you are able to drill though it..( ie its not too thick)

The listing on our Etsy site  is for one shell only - please let us know if you would like more. If you do not have an Etsy account message us for payment info. The shell in the picture is a the type of shell you will be getting ( not the actual shell) we will choose a beautiful one for you.

The Paua shell is gathered and cleaned near to where we live - in the coast of Kaikoura

The shells can be bought here.

We have had awesome feedback on the Paua shells we have sold -here is a few comments

"GORGEOUS!!! ... its going right on my specimen shelf! ... i had a wonderful experience with this fellow etsy member ... would most definitely buy from this shop again and again! ... thank you very much!!! :0)"

"I have never dealt with a more friendly and helpful vendor. If anyone is afraid to deal with someone so far away, don't be: Tammy is wonderful to work with. Tell her what you want, and she'll make it happen. I actually HOPE there will be things I need in the future so I can work with her again! Thank you so very much!"

We think this would make a awesome Christmas gift or anytime gift for someone who loves New Zealand or the sea or collect such treasures!!

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  1. Hi Tammy, this is ArtSings, from etsy...I just had your sheep picture in my newest treasury. I thought I would give it a try to follow your blog and perhaps learn more about New Zealand. Here in Florida we are only allowed to gather two "live" shells a day. I'm not sure exactly as I have moved inland from the seashore. Too many hurricanes. Beautiful shell.


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