Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well its Thanksgiving and it seems a time that the world stops to ponder on its blessings and give thanks- pity we only confine that to one day. I came across a book sometime ago that featured on Oprah  called Simple Abundance . It is a wonderful book for anyone who wants to live life in a more deliberate and meaningful way. There are so many ideas to choose from. One I like in particular was the keeping of a Gratitude Journal. Each day at the close of the day, you were encouraged to sit and write five things you could be grateful for . Often I would find in an ordinary day there was a lot more than five to write in. Each day I am blessed by friends who visit and drop in a word or two, my animals who love unconditionally and a world that is teeming with life in all its fullness. A little disabled lamb that I am caring for is learning to hobble and walk in his own fashion , the roses are overcoming their black spot and blooming , my little hen is devotedly sitting on her nest of eggs with great patience and there is always a kiss in the early hours of the morning from my love. I hope today finds you starting your practice of daily gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving everyone......from our home to yours.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! its monsters...!!!

You know how it happens? you notice your tastes changes with time...well I think I have truly entered my whimsical ghoulie phase...cos I have been in the mood to create monsters...goblins....trolls and ghoulies of all sorts...I must say it is fun! especially when I tend to use no pattern and simply dig into my sacks ( yes sacks) of fabrics to find a piece just right to create a little face. I make the faces from directly sewing by hand or machine onto fabric. There is sometimes some applique used to created mouths and noses...the best part is thinking what kind of character this creature will have.....spoilt? or shy?  who knows.....I love the free expression of creating without needling to conform to a set way to do it.....making cloth dolls was a little too precise for me especially getting the facial features right...With my ghoulies there is no need as eyes and mouths can be uneven or distorted and that makes it all the better....Here is my latest creation!!!

Hello again

Its been ages since we last wrote on this blog and I have wanted to restart it again. Thank you to everyone who messaged  us to ask about it. We decided that we would revive it rather than go through the hassle to redo a new blog -plus we did not want to lose our lovely followers...So here we are again..and we will write more and share what is happening in our world and lives again.

We now have been selling our handcrafted things around the world and are delighted to see our creations find homes in France and Hawaii and so many parts of the USA. Here is the link to our Etsy store where you can take a look at what we create...It is always changing as we try to incorporate new ideas and designs.

At the moments its all GO!!! and we are creating dolls. monsters, goddesses and the like for the Holiday season.....come visit us and take a look. We are currently offering free shipping to anywhere for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period!!