Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well its Thanksgiving and it seems a time that the world stops to ponder on its blessings and give thanks- pity we only confine that to one day. I came across a book sometime ago that featured on Oprah  called Simple Abundance . It is a wonderful book for anyone who wants to live life in a more deliberate and meaningful way. There are so many ideas to choose from. One I like in particular was the keeping of a Gratitude Journal. Each day at the close of the day, you were encouraged to sit and write five things you could be grateful for . Often I would find in an ordinary day there was a lot more than five to write in. Each day I am blessed by friends who visit and drop in a word or two, my animals who love unconditionally and a world that is teeming with life in all its fullness. A little disabled lamb that I am caring for is learning to hobble and walk in his own fashion , the roses are overcoming their black spot and blooming , my little hen is devotedly sitting on her nest of eggs with great patience and there is always a kiss in the early hours of the morning from my love. I hope today finds you starting your practice of daily gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving everyone......from our home to yours.

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