Saturday, September 5, 2009

Meet Edna

The animals we share the farm with are such a big part of our lives.I cannot imagine life here devoid of them. They are family and friends. We wake to the birds - the tui's and the bellbirds singing. And of course my favourite the Warbler. It has a lovely sing song chip that is almost a taunt to get out of bed and face the day! 
We thought it was time to meet the rest of the clan that share our home here in Mystic Hills. Each is special . This time we are delighted for you to meet Edna. 
Edna is one of our delightful laying hens. She is not the ordinary chicken with her buffont 1960's retro hairdo  piled  high on her head and feathery cuffs. She is a wonderfully gentle little chicken who is happy to cluck her way around the farm - some days independent of the brood - very much the liberated female - other days closely following Elvis and the Girls.Soft speckled gray Edna starts her day -strolling about our yard.Doing close inspection to make sure all is right. She is in many ways like everyone's favourite Aunt -lovely  but definately dotty! Edna would love to hear from you - so feel free to send her mail and say a Cluck!Cluck! to her!

Spring Green

Aah... 'tis that time of year. Spring has touched down. Tentatively, but it is here. The grass on the farm has turned that vibrant green that imparts a new energy into everything and everyone that gazes upon it. The ewes are set out on the hills for lambing(background) and the Bulls have been opened up onto a fast round to keep control of the rapidly growing grass. All are blooming, animals and plants. There is an air of expectation. The work of the new season is about to burst upon us. Optimism reigns supreme, at least while the sun shines! Mind you it snowed on the hill tops last Thursday and we are in the grip of a series of late frosts that threaten the newly planted grass in the deer paddocks and vegetables in our garden. But, spring it is and here is a picture of a few of the bulls after a hard winter now surging ahead into a period of rapid growth on lush pasture.

Full Moon

The Moon has just passed its fullness, an event in the calander that I always enjoy. Maybe enjoy is not the word, more like absorb. Yes absorb, I absorb the full moon as she passes yet again. There is no other event like it. On the night she rises full, early in the evening there is still light from the day playing on the hill tops and with the setting sun splashing gold and pink on the western horizon and a full bright moon rising statley over the eastern horizon this evening is like no other. It is the time when the soveriegn of the day and the queen of the night pause for a few moments at the passing of the baton as if chatting over a cuppa as they check in with each other on the health and wellbeing of their respective realms.
A clear sky on the full moon is a splendid thing to behold. Silvered light brings a new perspective to well known landscapes. It is indeed a night to wander or to ride as I once did absorbing the peace and wisdom of the shadowed world. The moon is a special friend to me and not many nights pass that I don't acknowledge her presence with a few words of tenderness and she mine. I sleep with the curtains open to allow her to caress me in my sleep and to let her light regulate my body's sleep patterns.
To lie on the ground under a full moon is to experience oneness on a new level. As it is to wake before dawn and watch her slow desent to the western hills, like a late night dancer giving her last performance, suddenly lit afresh with the first rays of the rising sun. A flirtatious blush of pink at the door and then the day, cool and stabilising.
One cannot ever be alone, no-matter where you are, when the moon is your friend.


Moonshine rides with me
When all is dark and quiet and mortals sleep
Her soft radiance chases me
As through the trees we gallop and leap
Shrouded oft’ in dark clouds
Or waned
I wait!
For I know, a firm belief
That she will rise
Full, radiant in joyful expression
Over the horizon of her dreams
To conquer darkness and give light
To those who shelter
In forgotten corners of gloom
For moonshines beams of light
Are reflections only of the son
Her fullness dependent upon
Her face being turned to him
We are free of the restraints of day
And strengthened for the trials we face
When we gallop carefree through
The silvered shadows that are
Moonshine and me

Copyright: PG Wilson


Pink blushes of early dawn
Grace the mists drifting over the smile of my lover
Serene above the snow draped mountain
Suddenly, in full wakefullness, I rouse
To the lingering touch of her perfume.

Copyright: PG Wilson.

This is the view over the top of my PC screen as I write this. The sun is beginning to cast its shadows in the folds of the land and as the moon rises in a few hours time the shadows will fall in the other direction with a softer mellower light.