Saturday, September 5, 2009

Meet Edna

The animals we share the farm with are such a big part of our lives.I cannot imagine life here devoid of them. They are family and friends. We wake to the birds - the tui's and the bellbirds singing. And of course my favourite the Warbler. It has a lovely sing song chip that is almost a taunt to get out of bed and face the day! 
We thought it was time to meet the rest of the clan that share our home here in Mystic Hills. Each is special . This time we are delighted for you to meet Edna. 
Edna is one of our delightful laying hens. She is not the ordinary chicken with her buffont 1960's retro hairdo  piled  high on her head and feathery cuffs. She is a wonderfully gentle little chicken who is happy to cluck her way around the farm - some days independent of the brood - very much the liberated female - other days closely following Elvis and the Girls.Soft speckled gray Edna starts her day -strolling about our yard.Doing close inspection to make sure all is right. She is in many ways like everyone's favourite Aunt -lovely  but definately dotty! Edna would love to hear from you - so feel free to send her mail and say a Cluck!Cluck! to her!


  1. Hi Cal....
    Edna is thrilled that she is the first to get email!! She is strutting her stuff now big time...thank you...Hugs!! She says ...Pok Pok Pok !! Pe-Kok!!! to you too!!

  2. Love the picture of your chickens. We had to give ours up when we moved as they aren't allowed in the subdivision. Part of the price we pay for living in the city. Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers for both of you.
    Hugs, Barb Mcf

    (Sorry for sending this as anonymous but it was the only way I could send it)

  3. Hi Barb
    Thanks for writing.I could not imagine not having our chickens anymore..they so grow on you! I have yet to highlight and introduce the rest of the brood.Will do that soon. You can join our blog and then I think you can send messages as you..I think..*smile*Thank you for the good thoughts and wishes. Hugs from us both!
    Tammy and Greg


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