Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spring Green

Aah... 'tis that time of year. Spring has touched down. Tentatively, but it is here. The grass on the farm has turned that vibrant green that imparts a new energy into everything and everyone that gazes upon it. The ewes are set out on the hills for lambing(background) and the Bulls have been opened up onto a fast round to keep control of the rapidly growing grass. All are blooming, animals and plants. There is an air of expectation. The work of the new season is about to burst upon us. Optimism reigns supreme, at least while the sun shines! Mind you it snowed on the hill tops last Thursday and we are in the grip of a series of late frosts that threaten the newly planted grass in the deer paddocks and vegetables in our garden. But, spring it is and here is a picture of a few of the bulls after a hard winter now surging ahead into a period of rapid growth on lush pasture.

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