Monday, May 28, 2012

Online Art lesson

I just love to play with paint and paper , crayons and pastels and have always wanted to do a lot more painting. Sadly living in the middle of no where and far from the nearest town has meant that it is not always possible to attend art lessons or courses.Many too are out of my budget or at times not possible for me to attend.  Enter the wonderful world of online learning. This is wonderful for the rural crafts person who wants some added inspiration.

Mark Making

Oh the joy of scribbling...this was so good
 The first online art Course I signed up for rather a cautiously was Paint Your Story. by artist Mindy Lacefiield. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it dispite the demands of taking up part time. work on the weekend just as the course started. I have long admired this artist on Etsy with her  wonderful free childlike quirky style of art. To meet her online and learn from her was a wonderful opportunity - as was the contact with fellow students who shared and inspired and encouraged each other. It is quite something to find all borders fade when people who love art come together...

Pin board of inspiration in my studio
My red haired girl painted during Mindy's class

Love this little elf like creature I painted
With Mindy's videos and insights I rediscovered how to play with paint like a child and to enjoy and use marks and scribbles in my art work. It was interesting to see how we all learned Mindy's style and yet evolved into our own way of painting . Best of all was the inspiration to just play and paint...Mindy Lacefield is a wonderful giving teacher who just is one of the nicest people to meet and learn from. She plans to hold another course on journalling later int he year and most of us already want to sign up.

Art journal page

A Work in Progress

When the course ended I was so thirsty for more and more that I signed up for Suzi Blu's online art lessons. This series was heavily discounted due to it being self directed. Still the wealth of information and ideas is wonderful....I have began to play with stylized drawing faces and images. I am just loving this and I have yet to even go through a quarter of the videos.Dispite the quirky and slightly crazy personality  Suzi has ( that makes her fun to watch)  she teaches well and carefully , explaining theory and reasons for doing this. I was so surprised at how carefully she leads her students through projects . I am able to understand now why she has such a following. Suzi has just released her new book on painting and also a series of delightfully cute rubber stamps I am dying to own too.I am just loving learring from this fun teacher.- who has a love from dogs too!

Working on homework from Suzi Blu's class on Portraits

What is next on my plan ...well I have just discovered another favourite artist Micheal De Meng is to hold a online assemblage art course in mid I am saving up and hoping I will be able to join . Is it possible to learn so much off videos and online lessons. Yes, for me it is.It works so well as I watch when I can -- at off peak internet times-   I can re-watch parts that I am uncertain about and learn at my own pace and in my own home. Its a pretty good deal I think. Wonderful if life or circumstances keep you at home . Keep learning and trying and experimenting - its one way to always remains young and enriched in spirit..


Its been too long since we have posted on life and times in Mystic Hills Ngaroma but since then we have had a wonderful new additions to the family. Our dog Pip a Beardie has had puppies and produced 6 delightful bundles of fun and fluff. We can only keep  2 ( after much pleading on my part ) and will find good home for the other four. Beardies are wonderfully clever , affectionate and loving dogs and this bunch are well on their way to being just like mom and dad. We thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of the bunch..

About 1 week old with eyes still closed

Lots of lovely different colours in the one litter

Little Meg take a look at the world - she is the runt of the litter but sooo sweet.

Buddha - such a laid back contented and serene little soul

Momma Pip with her beautiful pups - they will all grow to be just like Her- shaggy