Monday, May 28, 2012


Its been too long since we have posted on life and times in Mystic Hills Ngaroma but since then we have had a wonderful new additions to the family. Our dog Pip a Beardie has had puppies and produced 6 delightful bundles of fun and fluff. We can only keep  2 ( after much pleading on my part ) and will find good home for the other four. Beardies are wonderfully clever , affectionate and loving dogs and this bunch are well on their way to being just like mom and dad. We thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of the bunch..

About 1 week old with eyes still closed

Lots of lovely different colours in the one litter

Little Meg take a look at the world - she is the runt of the litter but sooo sweet.

Buddha - such a laid back contented and serene little soul

Momma Pip with her beautiful pups - they will all grow to be just like Her- shaggy


  1. Those wee guys are gorgeous, wish everyone in this house wanted a dog; unfortunately my husband doesn't despite the kids and I wanting one. Kitties aren't quite the same somehow.

  2. Pip is beautiful. Looks like she might be a bit 'shell-shocked' at all these hungry squirming puppies. Adorable.


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