Sunday, May 22, 2011

Paua , Horse Mussels and Seaweed

Its hard to believe that so much time has gone since we last added a post to this must be goood if we are so busy here.My most favourite time of the year is upon I relish the cold fall evenings and the onset of winter. There is something so wonderfully nuturing about collection firewood and pinecones as a daily ritual and evenings spent by the fire reading or knitting. While the world waited for the "predicted end" to come this weekend, we headed to the beach in The Ginty and spent a lovely afternoon walking on the soft dark sands. Low tide is magnificent with rock pools to explore, seaweed to gather for the garden and the finding of new shells and stones. It always amazes me the colours of seaweed...the rich dark blackness of Kelp and the wonderful pinks the cover the beach at the moment.  I never thought seaweed could be pink!! I try to imagine the colours that must exist below the surface. We always bring a little bag and collect little treasures....paua shells , funny shaped stones...all become part of the altar to life on our window sills. It seems silly at times to worry about the end of the world prepare for time to come and forget to live in this wonderful playground that is provided for us in the now. I  love the quote by Harper Lee in her book " To Kill a Mockingbird " ..this was the general idea of her quote.." some people are so intent in preparing for the next life ..they forget to live in this one..." When was the last  time...this world made you feel a sense of wonder...and amazement....Live deeply today.