Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Books....Wonderful Books!!

Books make up a huge part of our life here and both of us are delighted at the prospect of having a home filled with old musty books. Well thumbed , yellowed pages of the passion and soul mummerings of another's existance. Our collection to date is quite a blend . Novels, classics , poetry , New Zealand life and adventure , Craft and Cooking, Self Sufficency and Country Living, Psychology and Sociology , Religion and Philosophy. There is nothing more wonderful or soothing than an evening by the fire with a new book that excites , transports and inspires. For me a trip to the library to return home with an armful of books is akin to what most women find in the "mall experience". I am inspired by books showing the creations of others..be it quilts with vintage fabrics, rugs hooked from old clothes, primitive dolls or wild crocheted tea cosies. There is something quite wonderful about the ability to share ideas and inspiration. It is in one way what we hope this blog will do- share our world , our thoughts with anyone who stumbles upon it to read. And we welcome your feedback and contact - share with us what you have read or found that we might find interesting too. We have included a list of books we are reading and have read. Hopefully from it you can see  what inspires and challenges us- to become better people...deeper souls and more authentic to ourselves. We are so happy to have you join us on this mystical path.

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