Tuesday, August 11, 2009


There is simply something about birthdays that makes one contemplative....to take stock and see where life has led you so far. This birthday I found myself noting how little I really needed. The day was special in itself simply as it held the promise of newness, of possibility and hope. What could come in a wrapped package that could add to such perfection. I walked in our garden, looked over the glorious hills we call home and played with the animals that share our home with us . Our little goat Atty is now well and truly on her way to eating solid food and grass and anything else she can get to! The chickens are laying.....our cats are discovering and rejoicing in farm life. The arms of a man who truly loves me as I am. All around me growth and change and promise. My spirit was filled and my soul dancing. I often wonder if one's soul celebrates birthdays? It seems somehow a pointless pursuit for something that is ageless and timeless. Yet in our seen world we make such a fuss over birthdays...the hype , the pressure and the expectation and even the fear of .Is this done with complete ignorance that we are indeed ageless and timeless. How can we celebrate the marking of time for something that has always been. It baffles and intrigues me .So instead of celebrating a year older , I have chosen to see myself as yet again woven into the fabric of all that has been like me - truly in existance for all time. Does this sound like self importance or pride? Hardly, in reality. To me it is perfect humility . For it does not place importance in myself or my spot in this world, rather it sees my life as merely a thread , a drop , a whisper in what is a glorious whole. One that has no beginning and no end. So then............happy birthday everyday.

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