Sunday, October 18, 2009

The playpen


Here are my little charges at the moment in the play pen! All three are being bottle fed 4 times a day with milk. Bubbles (left ) is a guest while his owners are away . Amelia ( middle)  was an orphan that Greg saved by emergency C section. Sadly her siblings did not survive. And Peanut ( right) came to us on Friday after being found by Greg near death , huddled all on his own. He was out alone and hungry the night before when we had some horrible weather. He may have lost this mother or was an orphan too. We are very lucky to have him as he was so ill and cold. He spent a night by the fire and was tube fed the next day by Greg. Thankfully he survived but is still quite frail and wobbly on his feet. Each one of our lambs has a personality and uniqueness of their own. The really are such a joy to have around.

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  1. How awesome to live on a farm. I live a half a mile back on a private trail on almost 7 acres. But I travel to much to have to many animals. Just have a Cattle dog a beta fish and a gold fish, thats it. Oh yeah my hubby.


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