Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Miss Gwendolyn Pig

                                           Hello From Gwennie the Pig

Meet another one of the family at Mystic Hills Ngaroma.....our little pig  Gwendolyn ...or Gwennie for short. Gwennie is a Kune Kune pig. Native to New Zealand Kune Kune's are Maori for " short and fat"  Most Kune Kune's have tassels - some a pair or some only with one. You can see her tassels on either side of her mouth.  Kune Kune 's are mostly fruit , grass and meat eating...she does not seem to be too interested in rooting or digging - thankfully. Our little Gwengolyn is very intelligent and has worked out how to find the dog biscuits and where the kitchen pantry is. She also takes herself out for walks and come home - calling at the gate when she is ready to be let in. You cannot have a little Kune Kune and not be completely smitten with them. She brings us alot of joy and laughter..with her distinctive personality... and ..especially with her strong liking for beer and femented wine sediments....Hope you enjoy the other pictures of our sweetie.

              Exploring and Hunting out Pepper's buried Stash of Bones

          Everything needs to be sniffed very carefully

                    Can you see my little tassels ?

           Off to dig in the potato patch !!!!!!!!!!!

      Gwennie as a little piglet on her first day home after a long drive.

      Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............shhhhhhhh Gwennie says Bye Bye!


  1. OMGosh!! She is sooo adorable. Cute face!!!!!

  2. Yes she is such a is so funny when she comes home from her walk and that face is covered with mud...she's dirty but so pleased with herself!!! Thank you for your comment- come visit us again!!


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