Thursday, June 2, 2011


We thought it was a good time to introduce more of our family here at Mystic Hills Ngaroma.

Meet Pepper...affectionally called PepperDy or Pepper the Pesky Puppy. Greg was toying with the idea of getting me my own dog ...part companion- "part partner in crime" when we chanced upon Pepper. She was advertised as a free puppy from a surprise litter in another part of the country. Born to a Blue Heeler father and a Huntaway mother Pepper is a lovey mix of the dark  glossy black and gray of her parents.

It was  hard to get those initial photos of Pepper as she was a sleepy puppy who was never quite awake at picture taking time. We finally saw her in one photograph via email.....she had just been woken up and looked quite dazed. This we soon came to realise was Pepper's usual look at bedtime.... Greg arranged transport for her via a cattle truck. She would ride in the cabin with  the truck driver in exchange for a box of beer. Not a bad deal. There were however a few problems and delays and Pepper spent the weekend going from one truckie's home to another until finally she arrived to us - after 3 days! The first thing we were told when we were handed this small bundle of fur was - that she had slept the whole way!!

Pepper was suitably named for her gray peppered chest. She tried on the first night to scramble onto the bed with us...but was too fat and short to make it up. Defeated she settled into a ball next to my bed. Then was followed endless weeks of chewing ..anything..hands , fingers....limbs ...

Now Pepper has grown she manages to settle herself in our bed night or between us as we watch TV. She torments the cats...has been soundly smacked a few times by an irate kitty and  butted by the goat. Yet she remains as spunky and as smoochie as ever....We now include Pepper in all our adventures - building her a special Pepper seat in the van with she has a good view and can bark ( much to Greg's horror) at passing trucks.

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