Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drift wood Spirit Doll creations.....Hecate of the White Moon

 I really love this spirit doll / goddess doll even if I did make her myself........she is the beautiful Hecate - Moon Goddess and considered the Holy Crone , Queen of the Witches.

Hecate is honoured as the Guardian of the crossroads...with her acute understanding of the inevitabilites of life. In this she bestows her wisdom and her courage.She encourages all women to honour their bodies and the changes that come with it...


I accept this moments as it is.. I enjoy the freedom of letting go of the need to control the results.I can dawdle,drift,linger and wander. I make my own rules to live by.

I wanted to create a different Hecate than what I have seen....I wanted her to reflect a lightness of spirit and the silver that comes with age.. Hecate of the White Moon is just that..the beautiful crone Goddess....of silver , white and gold, aged but beautiful....and with her own softness from time.

Hecate of the White made from a driftwood form.It was gathered here on the beach of New Zealand near our home. I try to honour the actual form of the wood....and not alter it...It makes a beautiful base of age and worn - that is just right for Hecate. I have used a clay face for her face and sheer silvery translucent ribbon, She has a cloak and skirt of silver, white and gold fiber and a pure white feathery skirt. On her head is the symbol of the moon...a single pearl embedded in the gnarled wood. Over that is a cresent dragonfly - to symbolize the wanning moon. She holds a long twisted staff of driftwood and feathers. She is 38 cm tall and has a hook to hang on your wall or altar.

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