Monday, July 11, 2011

My Daily Walk with The Animals

Like most of you reading I need to shed a few pounds...lose some love handles etc so awhile back I joined a team of unusual fitness buddies. These are a dedicated lot who do not let me slack off  for even a day.....everyday after lunch they come together and gather to wait for me to get ready for our walk. Amelia our pet sheep now pregnant with twins, Gwennie the Kune Kune pig  in denial about her weight , Abby the goat ( skipping fanatic ) and Pepper the Blue Heeler. ( seriously needs to chill ) These are my walking daily dose of fitness on the farm. I have been told we make an amusing view ...all in tow....strolling down the farm. I have been congratulated on keeping order with everyone...but little do they know...I am being kept in line and moving!! Enjoy the pictures..

View from the front porch on a lovely day
Does this angle make my butt look big?
Resisting the urge to play in the mud!
Getting our five servings a day!
Nom ...Nom...Nom....I'll be right there
Stopping at the Juice Bar!
Oh oh oh...are we there yet?
I'll burn it all up!
Abby and Pepper  the only ones without the need to shed pounds!
Nibbles to keep the strength up!
A stop at the local cafe after the workout!

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