Thursday, August 11, 2011

Monsters we are a' making! Nigel the Corporate Zombie

Here is one of the monsters we made and listed.....stay tuned more to come ....
We all know a Nigel in our life.....the poor corporate zombie who works long and hard for some soul sucker and tries to get ahead.... worn out- battered and bruised...he goes on day after day hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel.....Still he manages to smile cos he always believes...." its gonna get better!"

Maybe you are a corporate zombie....or are a released freed one....- we hope our zombie Nigel makes you smile....

Nigel the corporate zombie is 22 cm tall or 9 1/2 " .. He is made from new and upcycled fabrics.. He is stuffed with clean batting and distressed with rough stitching and paint.He has a vintage button for his eye.

I am a New Zealand Doll . Bear and creature maker who lives on a high country sheep station in the rural New Zealand country. I live and work from my studio on the farm and share my world with my soulmate and best friend and our family of animals!

See him listed here!

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