Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spring Lambs - Early

Come on - somebody feed me!!!
 I love the arrival of the new spring lambs on the farm....the joyful bouncing and skipping out in the field...little bleets and  antics. I find it hard to believe Greg's stories of the horror of a little band of lambs who decide to play up with the farm seems these small parcels of fluff can be quite the "patience tester" for both shepherd and dogs....But I will keep my fantasy of sweet innocent lambs. These are some that were born the other day -they were about 2 days old in these photos-  thankfully after the heavy snow we had here and over most of New Zealand. Sadly their mother was not well after giving birth to them and died shortly after dispite efforts to save her. These little orphans are being raised by foster mommies now. I thought some of you would enjoy seeing the pictures...

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