Saturday, July 25, 2009


This seems like a great time to introduce everyone who lives at Mystic Hills..we have quite a collection here of skin, fur , fluff and feathers. Today was an especially happy day as we are finally getting 3 eggs a day from our little brood of chickens. This is after all our attempts to keep them warm during winter with draped covers...sprinkling of cayenne pepper in the drinking water and an attempt to introduce positive energy around the coop with the string of Tibetan prayer flags from the little wooden coop.Greg is not convinced as yet that this will work. We have at the moment 5 hens and a Rooster. There is Chookie , Bessie, Goldie and of course Elvis the rooster. The other two hens are still awaiting inspiration for their names.

Keeping chickens is something of a dream come true for me , having grown up in a big city,living in apartment blocks. There is something very soulful and comforting about the gentle clucking of the chickens in our yard, scratching and scuttling about. Greg once commented that chickens "live in the moment". Indeed watching any one of them it becomes so apparent how true this is. The joy of a worm found, a new spot to scratch or even a game of chase about the yard. Life lived fully and simply- and yet we would tend to think them simple minded. Perhaps we need to ponder then if the essence of life is to find "simple mindedness" in what we do.....for the search and discovery of such a way of living brings with it such contentment. Ask any of my happy chickens.

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