Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fuzzy Outlines

While walking this evening along the old Waipari rd where it cuts through the bush above the maungarata stream we discussed fuzzy outlines. If you look along the edge of a pine forest you will note the myriad of tiny needles at the ends of the many branches create a fuzzy outline, not a clear cut high definition delineation between the individual trees or even the forest and the surrounding views. This is what life looks like.
Too often we are tempted to define things; morals, behaviours, character traits etc by clear definitions of right or wrong good or bad. But in doing so we focus on the details-the individual pine needles- and loose the concept of the oneness and inclusiveness of all life. Our views and judgements become narrow and we, by the very act of defining become harsh and unloving, intolerant of the fuzzy unclear boundaries that exist in every aspect of our world.
It does us good to walk in the evening light amidst the ill-defined outlines of the bush and consider that not everything we think is so, actually is. Take a look at the photo above, it shows very clearly that there can be many interpretations of the 'stuff' that forms our lives and to say that this or that is always right or always wrong will inevitably lead to division and strife within our society.
Try looking at your world today with new eyes and allow for fuzzy outlines, you may discover a peace within your self and your relationships that may be new to you.

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