Thursday, July 30, 2009

The wonder of life I find is each day I am presented with new experiences and new life lessons.

The decision to remain unafriad and open to what comes was a decision made awhile ago .This week of helping out on the farm has taught me several things- how to scramble under electric fences and not raise my rear end until I am well clear of wires. That placing one's hand on a mount of thistle while crawling under wires is not wise. That sitting on a nervous ram while hanging onto the metal frame of a truck tearing down the track at high speed is not fun for me or the ram! But the most striking lesson was taught to me by a basic swamp. Following behind Greg as we set up portable fences around a boggy swamp I found out too late that the mount of grass that looked stable enough was nothing more than floating earth. One foot on this mound sent my leg thigh deep into mud with the other leg trying to balance on whatever was solid around me. Greg by then had moved clear out of site. I was stuck . And worried. I could not budge my leg and did not know how deep the swamp around me was. I had seen on drives thorugh the farm, sheep and cattle who had met their end in such swamps. This knowledge was not comforting to me. Thankfully , Greg and I have always had a sixth sense with regard to each other and when he lost sight of me - sensed that something could be wrong and came to look for me. The grin that broke across his face as he neared me and could only see half of his woman - did not go unnoticed. Between us - well mostly him- I was pulled out - wet and muddy. So what lessons from this episode one may wonder.Besides the most apparent one- that following this man would get me into trouble....Rather it made me think of how we react to situations that arise when we least expect it. Like the way to deal with a swamp- dont struggle.Stop and think clearly. That blame and regret are pointless . The need to slowly work a way out a bit at a time.....and if all else fails - ask for help and allowed one to be helped. That pride in the face of need is sheer stupidity

Life presents us with swamps daily- they can't be avoided. They have to be taken as part of the tapestry of life. Sure I could be safe and dry and secure but in so doing I would miss so much that life offers me. The greatest loss would be not following the man I love through swampy ground. Isnt that what love really is - the willingness to love through the swamps of life - walk with each other in mud and wet- and to pull each other out when the need arises. The ability to laugh at each other too is a well placed skill.

So today again I don muddy boots and follow. For the truth be told I am in reality following after my own heart.

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