Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fiber Artist Adventures

I have recently decided to try to expand my skills with art though working on some new techniques and ideas. I have been lucky to come across some great new books in the local library - jam packed with ideas to add texture , interest and uniqueness to fabric . This is great news for someone like me who wants to do more with what stash of supplies I have as well as expand the prospects for upcycled fabrics.

One book I am working my way through my way at the moment is called Hot Textiles by Kim Thittichai. This is a wonderful book that is a great addition to the Fiber artist library. It shows how to use heat tools , like irons, soldering irons , heat guns to melt and dissolve fabrics so that it crinkles and puckers or burns to add interesting holes and textures.This morning I have been experimenting with some organza , tulle and polyester fabric and even lace...using a tea light and flame I have burnt and created holes in the fabric and then layer stitched one on top or the other to create a heavy texture and peep holes fabric that is quite pleasing. I am using this final fabric as part of the skirt to my witch doll as I wanted her to have clothing that was wild and colourful and bohemian . I am quite pleased with the results and the way it has transformed ordinary upcycled fabric  into something quite different and unique..There is also a fun aspect to watching the fabric melt and burn into an interesting shape..I have yet to try experimenting with some other things in the book like melting plastic bags...and other materials but already the possibilities are opening up. If you try any of this or have tried any of these techniques I would love to hear about it...

I will list the completed doll on Etsy  store when she is done....

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