Monday, June 27, 2011

I Believe in Faeries

I love Faery stories and have always believed that there must be somehow these wonderful little creatures living in my garden. A whole unseen world that was lived on a whole different that was close to the animals and plants that made up workings of everyday life. One that saw no distinction between the species- no less importance .

Not too long ago I decided to make myself and for the faeries that lived around my home ,their own house.. I used an old brass birdcage as I read that faeries like to be close to the outdoors  all the time and not cooped up inside like we do. I added some shiny Christmas type ornaments that dangled and some little chimes that would ring and tinkle as the wind blew or the faeries flitted by. I also read that these wonderful little creatures like to make things - so gifts of sewing threads, shiny translucent fabrics , lace and tiny buttons all tucked into a small tin are welcome gifts.  I added a pink feather boa around the edge of the birdcage to soften the hard edges and lend some whimsy to the whole faery house.A little swing seat....colourful ribbons draped and dangled...and some tiny wee birds ....I also added in an old found bird's nest.

I must admit I enjoyed the whole process of being  childlike and believing - silly and a waste of time some my think. But I wholeheartedly believe in growing up and chosing to be serious and practical - we have somehow lost an innocent part of ourselves that we secretly grieve for. This is the part of our souls that truly gives us courage and hope and leads us to living . Go build yourself a faery house...even a small one and you will discover what I mean

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