Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Edna turns broody!!

Life here is always filled with new surprises. Today when doing my usual morning feeding of the animals- giving Licorice our baby goat ,  his bottle - feeding the chickens and collecting eggs. I discovered that our dear sweet Edna has decided she wants chicks. She has turned quite broody on us and is determined to sit on her little nest of hay and not move. It will be wonderful to think of the prospect of chicks soon as I am itching to add more animals to our little farm. It amazes me how everything - everything - in nature knows instinctively its own seasons and its own rhythms. They move seamlessly into one stage after another- throwing themselves fully into each. The best lesson it seems is their ability to live in the moment rather than cast their view longingly back towards the past. So today here in Mystic Hills , Edna will sit on her nest - happy and expectant. It is her time and it is her season. It is a wonderful thing - this life.

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