Monday, November 9, 2009

Fabric Thimble part 4

I hope you have finished sewing your thimble and it fits you great.It should be a firm fit as it will mold to yur finger in time. I decided I will use up my rat's nest of scrap embroidery threads. I get all these from friends who religiously buy the exact threads needed for an embroidery or cross stitch project and then kindly give me the left overs. I am thinking of making some bullion roses and lavender around my thimble.

Here is the start of my embroidery.I am going for crowded posy of little flowers.

I also decided to sew some old lace around the base for the ol' world feel. I love to get inspiration from some books in my library. Here are two that I find particularly beautiful.


The last book features Victorian keepsakes. It is a beautiful book with  pictures of old cards , embroidery and love Tokens. Just a joy to flip through. I thought I would add some more vintage braid to my thimble. This one features tiny bud roses on a black background. I love that a project like this can use so little of my precious and yet I can get to enjoy them.

I am going to continue to embroider the thimble on the top and sides. I will come back and show you what I have done. Please feel free to share with my what you are doing with your thimble. I would love to see pictures and will feature them on the blog for others to enjoy. Don't forget to send me your picture , where you are from and your name. You can mail me . I am excited to see what everyone is making...

Now go create beauty!You deserve it!

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  1. I have my thimble to this point and may decorate it today.......I will post a pic and let you know...thanks for the inspiration.



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