Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thimble sew along part 3

Here is part 3 of our project. I am so pleased to have some friends along to sew with me. It is such a simple and easy project - great for days when you want to make something but really cannot muster up the energy to do more. I am sorry for the quality of the pictures today- my camera played up and I lost some of the in between steps I had photographed for everyone..Never mind. you would have pinned your 3 rectangles together - sew a blanket stitch all around . You can use any stitch you like really. Please don't be worried about your stitching and neatness - just enjoy the fun of making and sewing. Sew along all the edges - going through all 3 layers of felt you have cut out.

You will end up with a finished piece like this.Do the same with the felt circles for the top- stitch all three layers together and set aside.

You should have pieces that look like this now. Roll the rectangle int a tube short ends together and stitch together.( Sorry this is the picture I lost ) .You will have a felt tube with open ends. Pin the circle to the top of the tube. I put my pins in downwards all around. Stitch this down. Dont worry if the circle is slightly larger that the space in the top of the tube.You can trim it down - or just let it be. Catch and stitch the edges of the circle to the top of the rectangle tube.I use the stitching on both again as I weave and stitch through the old stitching.

Your thimble should look like this .

Check the fit on your finger. It should fit you perfectly. It is basically done. Now only to decorate it and have fun with your choices--- embroider , bead, applique - anything you want...I have some ideas to do mine up so I will come back tomorrow to share what I have been doing. Have fun and Happy sewing...I hope you will share your finished thimbles with me...they are really very comfy to sew with!


Remember that creating is not about perfection. It is about passion and a love for beautiful .Even if it is only beautiful in your eyes only. I recall being scolded and punished in school for needlework that was less than neat. It was a standard that as a child I could not achieve. So I hated sewing- just disliked it intensely. It did not help that some more proficient needle workers are critical of those who are just learning. Thankfully I came across some wonderful women along the way that taught me that sewing is all about love - not perfection. Stitching that is untidy, seams that are crooked and such do not mater.Relax and ask yourself "Are you having fun" Turn off the inner critic and tell everyone else who is not helpful to go away....settle in your corner of the world and create your own brand of beautiful.

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