Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fabric Thimble part 2

Sorry for the delay in posting the second part to this project. We had some awful news on Friday and really have been feeling so lost and sad. But life goes on and my crafts keep me sane and positive. So here is as promised our little sew along project.It is lovely to hear from some of you who will be making this with me.

First thing is to find our how long you want your thimble to be. I need mine about 3cm to protect my finger while sewing.Also wrap the tape around your finger for an exact fit. Make not eof these measurements as this will form your pattern- a thimble to just suit you. Even if you have longer finger nails you can make one to suit what you need.

Draw you measurements onto your fabric..I am using felt scraps but you can use anything you have around. I believe in being frugal and making do....

Cut out your pattern pieces. I am making mine quite thick  so I am cutting 3 pieces to stitch together.You can make yours thinner or sandwich batting in between.

I am using a coin to be a template for the top of the thimble. Again cut as many pieces to make the ideal thickness you will need. I am doing 3 circles again.

Pin the three rectangles together and stitch all around. I will be using a blanket stitch to do this.You can choose what stitch you enjoy working. I am planning to use a thread ( embroidery floss) that will stand out...maybe even a decorative stitch.When you have sewn all around the rectangles- curl it around your finger and stitch the two short ends of the rectangle together. You should now have a felt tube- ready to top off with your circles.

Do the same for the circles. Stitch all 3 together around the edges.

I got this lovely braid - felt fusion - usually meant for scrapbooking but lovely to decorate my thimble. So we will wait to see what I decide.

I will leave you now to do your cutting and stitch and come back again to show how to piece it together.

Enjoy till then.


  1. Tammy I am trying this with you...thanks for the tutorial...

  2. Hi,
    Looking forward to put this together! Wonderful to be able to have a thimble that really fits.
    Do you have a picture of the finished thimble?
    Lotta in Sweden

  3. I'm sorry for your stress! I hope everything will go alright for you. Thank you very much for sharing this great idea! I don't know how many times I've pricked my fingers from sewing!
    Take it easy


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