Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things that go Boom!!

What happens when two very young at heart  people have a spare $29.95..Hmmm? They buy fire crackers! Yesterday was Guy Fawkes - a traditional English holiday to remember some poor soul who tired to blow up parliament in England. But for us here in New Zealand - its a mightly fine excuse to make some noise and be children again. The sale of fireworks here is only allowed for the three days leading up to Guy Fawkes. Folk here buy them now and stash them away for holidays and New Year etc. I have never had the thrill of fire crackers growing up in a part of the world where they were banned. Too many fires and kids with missing fingers.Greg on the other hand recalls too many "great ideas" with the stuff that also required great speed and agility!!

So we decided it was a much needed soulful experience. Thanks to lovely friends and neighbours who zipped into town and got us our "boom box" - we were set. After dinner a trudge up the farm to the top of a paddock was required.Away from the animals and anyone who could be upset . We rationed out our stash for future celebrations and took a little bagful of treats to go make some noise.

What fun. To light each one - make a hasty retreat and stand in the darkness and enjoy. The noise , the bangs and the colours. We giggled and plotted like little children - which one should we do next? Which was the best ever..I looked over and saw in the face of my love - a little boy. What joy!!

It was such a catharsis to let fire works go - and to reflect . For me it was beyond escaping to see the parallel between events of the day and our tiny little explosions of joy. Often things arrive in our life , in the mail, in events and happenings that disturb our peace. They annoy , shake , aggravate and anger us- Sometimes even sadden us. But in reality they are really like fire works in a dark sky..making a big show of noise , and colour attracting attention but really meaning nothing. The night sky emblazoned by colour did not change or alter...nor did the stillness of the evening . Nothing changed beyond what we allowed.

We all have people in our lives and those held firmly on the outside , who will try to change or dictate to us- to control and to manipulate. It is so easy to become frazzled by them But really they mean nothing. They do nothing to alter us.

They make some noise and then go out. Both of us are learning to laugh as they go boom! and then turn our backs and walk away.

Next time someone in your life goes off like a fire cracker....just think of firecrackers on a lonely hill in New Zealand. Laugh and enjoy the show!!

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