Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tea Party for one

I decided after being so inspired by one of our lovely followers to our blog - to get out my favourite little tea set.I don't have much - moves over the years seeing the sad end to some of my prettier finds. I have soured Op shops ( charity shops) to pick up pretty cups and saucers. My favourite being the old floral ones . A lovely gift from a neighbour of herbal tea the other day , also a lovely excuse to play tea party while I work on my crafts and bears. I have no one to share the morning with me so a lovely friend found in a vintage photograph will have to do. As I sit and drink tea and sew - I look over into the face of this young woman and try to imagine who she was and what she loved to do.

Today also I have been playing with some pieces to make myself some vintage style jewelry. Little domes to capture prints of vintage pictures. Lovely fun.I thought I would share with all of you.

These should form little charms for pendants or bracelets or for little bears to wear around their necks.  If anyone wants to join me - I will be making some little fabric thimbles with embroidery - to protect my fingers as I sew my bears. You will need scraps of felt , embroidery floss and beads or braids. I will post the start of the pattern tomorrow. Too many stabs with the needle while sewing. Let me know if you would like to stitch along with me. Email me or leave a message.

Go on have a wee tea party - even by know you want to.....

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