Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome Poco- A Mystic Hills Bear

Thank you to all who had such lovely things to say about my little bear. I enjoy making it and it is very much a joint effort with Greg helping with the stuffing and finding weighty things to fill little our little bear. I think half the fun or more of the life we have chosen is that we get to share so much of it together as a couple. I love going out on the farm with Greg and learning how things work and what needs to be done. I have learnt so much in the time I have lived here and am so fortunate to have a gentle and well informed teacher in Greg.Greg's input and skill too is such a big part of  what I create .Be it scrambling up bushes to cut down twigs for me to weave with- or shearing fleece for me to spin- or emptying pellets  out of a shot.

Part of the joy in living for me is the process of learning- I love to learn new stuff. What I learn and how much is less of an issue in comparison to the actual act of discovering something new. The internet for me is a wonderful source to meet with people who have new ideas and abilities. My love for art and creating is even more heightened by seeing the work of others and having the opportunity to talk to others who are working with new mediums and designs.

Poco is a new design tedddy bear that I am experimenting with- the notion of appeal and personality is more an issue in such a bear than proportion and realism. It is truly my sort of thing.

Poco will be listed for sale soon - so if anyone of you out there wants to give him a home - email me at whiskerssue@yahoo.com or leave a comment on our blog


  1. how cute! what a face!

  2. Too cute!!!! Love him up in the tree too!!!!
    Thanks for the pics!!!! Hugs carla

  3. I love Poco! You did a wonderful job in making him unique. I'm sure he will find a home very quickly!


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