Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pet Sheep Amelia gets sheared.

It was that time of year again , when our pet sheep ( always my little lamb) Amelia needed to get her fleece taken off. She was so stressed last year at having it done in the wool shed that we decided to shear her outside our back door where she is used to sitting around . It was a good sunny day and there was alot of fleece to take off. Amelia was just scanned a week ago ans is going to have twins in another month of so . As it is winter here Greg is leaving some fleece on her and shearing her with hand shears. Enjoy the pictures!

For those of you who don't remember - our earlier blog posts have pictures of Amelia as a rescued lamb after her mother died. She was delivered by C- section by Greg  ( he got her breathing )  we raised and bottle fed her. She follows me everywhere and is a wonderfully loving pet and friend.

Its hard work....for both!
Trying to leave some fleece on for winter warmth
Ohhhhh this is uncomfortable!
 That is a lot of wool!
Hmmmmm you smell very familiar.....
There is a whole sheep under there!!
So how do I look?    

Amelia's wool will now be washed and dried and then carded up for spinning or felting .Some of it will go into my little creations that we sell.It will become part of our art doll bodies or needle felted Goddesses....Thank you Amelia .. If anyone of you would like to buy some of her wool...washed and cleaned...Let me know.!!

Amelia....I love you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful sweetheart there!...Sending good wishes your way! Jaja

  2. Wow!!!...thats a whole lot of fleece Amelia!!! make two of our weeny rare breed sheep...and you still look gorgeous without it all..and well done you too Greg!!..I in awe of how you got that off in one piece with the hand shears!!..Tammy may have told you of my tales of my attempts at certainly is back breaking work but sooo worth it.. xxx

  3. susanmilatzbrooksJuly 7, 2011 at 5:25 PM

    Amelia is much prettier than Shrek :-)


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