Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spirit Doll " The Keeper of the Sand Dunes"

Here is our newest doll. Another experiment in my creation of Art / Spirit Dolls. I really enjoyed the process in making this doll and decided to name here ( Thank you Greg ) The Keeper of the Sand Dunes....

Here is a listing on Etsy for her

I wanted to create a doll that would reflect the sand dunes and beaches we walk on near our home. I am always amazed at the beautiful shells that wash up and the wonderful gnarled bits of driftwood. It is strange and wonderful to think this all was once living and now exist in a new form.  Some as I look at them have forms that speak to me. We gather driftwood, feathers, shells , pebbles and sea weed ..anything that I think would lend itself well to my art work.

The Keeper of the Sand Dunes is an Art Doll/ Spirit Doll that pays tribute to the wonderful earth spirit that dwells on the cold wind swept beaches and sand dunes. She twirls and spins in her unending dance an the edge of the tide ...drawing up towards her....sea shells , driftwood and bones of the sea.....She gathers the sea shells and ties them to her belt around her waist as she dances.........shells spin on the wind and turn into sand .....wood into into life again. Her arms reach up in celebration......Her reminder....that We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return.

" The Keeper of the Sand Dunes is made from driftwood - keeping its own natural shape. This was built up to a more female form with the use of wool from our farm. To this was added special yarns, ripped soft fabrics, lace and ribbons. She has corn silk for hair and a sea pebble forms her face.To her belt is tied sea shells gathered from the beach. Her belt is a chord that was handmade with silk sari fibers, and yarns. The Keeper of the Dunes Spirit Doll is made to hang on a wall , door, or window....I love the way
 she lifts her arms up in celebration as her natural form seems to twirl....I can imagine her suspended and twirling in the wind!

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