Saturday, August 27, 2016

 Starting a Stitching Course

I have always been in awe of the work of Jude Hill and her work in her Spirit cloth blog. Today I decided I would challenge myself in doing her Spirit Cloth 101 course . She has very kindly offered this self paced course for free to teach and share her techniques.

The Spirit Cloth 101 course can be found on

I am going to gather up my supplies in a wee basket and get ready to learn with her.

This is the rough outline Jude Hill sets out for her stitching course ( taken from her website )

1.Intro- An overview of my approach.   What to expect from this class.  Some project ideas. 
2.Creating a base- covering   three approaches... whole cloth, piecing and cloth weaving.
3. Stabilizing  and  basting and preparing a base for embellishment.
4. Composition and Story.  How to build on an idea.
5. Applique- several approaches including turned, ragged edge and  alternative variations on both of these.
6. Stitch as it applies to embellishment.
7. Quilting.  Putting layers together.
8. Edges. finishing touches

I want my stitching to not only be a learning creative process but also a meditative one that will help me cope with the stress and anxiety I am prone to.  I will take my time with the process and enjoy learning .

                              picture of a cloth doll I simply love

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