Friday, August 26, 2016

Little Pleasures

Some times it seems that one has to find the smallest of joys to keep oneself going . That is how I feel today with the heaviness of heart weighing me down. Perhaps its it just a seasonal thing - my continued battle with the black dog as Winston Churchill would say. Today as I sit by my computer I watch the tiny birds that settle on my newest bird feeder.

I got this wonderful thing from Diacks Nursery - a coloured  rod  ( Windsticks )  that bends and sways in the wind like a tree branch. It has a wee pebble that rests in the middle and allows one to insert seed cakes and fruit for the birds. The lady at the nursery told me it was a wonderful device - simple but really appealing to the birds. The rod costs me about $15 and the seed cakes $2.90 . Not bad if you consider the pleasure that comes from watching tiny birds settle and nibble on the seed cakes. My cats love it too. Sitting and watching to see what comes and feeds next.

Wind Sticks can be seen at

In a world where I am unable to cope with my heaviness it is nice to lift the spirits of others -even wee feathered ones.

It makes me happy and helps me forget for a time my sadness.

So far I have seen tiny wax eyes. These are tiny birds that flit excitedly At times that are 4 to 5 on the rod eating with glee . At times bell birds and little yellow headed finches.

The smallest ones are my favourites. - they are my smallest pleasures.

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