Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What makes a friend.

I sometimes wonder at life and all that comes our way. Often friendships that once seemed so dear and so important to us - fade to nothing - at times not even memories. Sadly I have known friendships that have ended with cruelty and betrayal  and any thought of them are now only tinged with the grief and anger . So what makes a good friend . I have to say some of the most wonderful friendships I have had are not with people but with animals. The love they give is unconditional and there is so little judgement. How is it my dog seems so delighted to see me when I come home after being away for only hours and yet some people make no acknowledgement of you after you have been gone for years...Why is it when you cry and are at a loss for words- a cold nose says more than any human voice has ever attempted. My dog stays with me when I am too unwell to scramble over the rocks at the beach  even though she wants so much to explore. This past week we lost another friend - a dear old dog we both adored . Pip was a lovely soul - tough in her own way and yet full of love and fun. She was clever and used her cuteness to worm her way into hearts - who could not bear to scold her when she was waving a furry paw at you. Grief is so hard alone. The trees are in blossom now as Spring comes with her promises. Winter took away my friend. And with her a piece of my heart.


  1. So glad to have you posting again. I've missed you. These last few years have been busy with many changes in my life, and I know your life. Please, know you are a true blessing and I am sorry to have not kept in touch. Hugs and love sent your way.

    1. I have missed you too and so happy you have made contact and visited us. There have been many changes in my life to... thank you for your kind words. Some days you just need to know you matter xxxx

    2. OH,,,, YOU MATTER!!!! We are friends on FB. :)


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